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Over the coming days, the sports betting fans will have the opportunity to invest their money in two categories very interesting, a more popular and the other a little less, but still profitable. Online betting houses bring prestige the best options to bet on these events featured.

Moreover, we find a significant event for betting handball, as the two giants of the sport, the Barcelona and Real City played this weekend in Cologne the Final Four of the ELF Champions League. The Catalans are measured in semis at Rein Nectar Lowe German, while the other team to play quixotic German, Hamburg.

As we know, today will begin the quarterfinals of the Euro league, the first stage as equals crossings where there is only room for one team in each key. The highlight of this stage will star as Real Madrid and Valencia Power Electronics, clearly in a duel, so clearly we take the odds offered by bin.

With the arrival of Jorge Gambados the fans of Unisia is excited to take the first blow against Real Madrid next weekend. It will be a debut full of curiosity as sport and raises the house which offers us play sports betting and tells us the following results with their shares:

It will be a crucial clash which contest the CIA Saragossa and Basketball Fuenlabrada and especially for the aspirations of both teams is to play the CAB playoffs. Have been completed and only the words we will action. Well, the city of Madrid has hosted Thursday a new edition of the Cops del Rey-ACB, where the top eight teams in the tournament have been made in this edition, to try to start 2011 with a degree.

The CIA party candidate in pools with a share of $ 1.45 and that is because local status, because the overall locations deposit it in the 13th placement. While Fuenlabrada is well into the playoff hunt placement placing 7th.

For online betting indicate that a victory over Fuenlabrada is what we pay in the amount of $ 2.55 per bet. It is a possibility that the visitor win this game, but I think the CIA miss the chance to cut points with a direct rival for the playoffs.