Motor Racing

Fans of motor sport can be sure that from this day until next weekend, will find major bookmakers interesting options for investing your diner into two categories highlighted. Under World Championships, will bet on William Hill in Formula 1 and Motto GP with high probability.

For fans of Formula 1, Grand Circus returns this Sunday to celebrate one of the most exciting races of the Championship, we refer to the Belgian Grand Prix. The Belgian track Saps Franco champs is pure spectacle, with fast corners and speeds over 300 kilometers per hour, so drivers should require their engines to the max.

And for those who prefer to bet on Motto GP, this weekend's World Championship also rephrase dispute with Indianapolis Grand Prix, and taking into account that part of the track has been resurfaced legendary circuit, the predictions will be many more complex. Danni Pedro's was the driver who won in this same track last year.

As always, the online bookmaker bin are thinking about the needs and preferences of their customers, that is why we offer the highlights from the world of sport for punters to invest their money with high probability. This week you can bet on cycling, basketball and football at bin to win big.

For cycling fans, this Saturday starts the Tour of Spain and the race appears more open than nonce. Incense Nibble who will defend the red Maillot achieved last year, although the mountain may be the defining the podium. On the other hand, the Spanish basketball team remains unbeaten in their preparation for Euro basket 2011.

This Thursday will travel to Lithuania to meet in a friendly match at the tournament host. And for those who prefer betting on football, teams that failed to qualify directly for the Champions League are in a duel this week in the playoff final. Seville, Athletic Madrid, Athletic Bilbo, and other great teams hope to achieve good results in these first leg. Here we remind some boxers data the next meeting so that you know a little more about who in the ring, also defend your interests.