Motor Sports Bet

We may make bets at all stages, as well as multiple variations according to each category. In cars we have the defending champion and defender of the crown, Carlos Saenz as the top seed with a payment of $ 3.30 at bin.

Only three races remaining for us to know the new champion of Formula 1 and maybe we can do it in less time. Everything depends on whether Sebastian Vetted and Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber escorts can keep up with the Australian.

Sports betting speculate that German and Spanish will be who will win the next competition in Korea and achieve Webber strip the top. But houses like bin regularity know that has kept the pilot ocean throughout the year and therefore give it as the favorite at odds of $ 2.30.

While Vetted Alonso pay $ 3.00 and $ 3.75, completing the podium of the title contenders at bin. All three have a chance of winning the World Cup and what is even more important, is that all three drivers have good payment fees.

The bikes will stand in Brno, where he held the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, ideal for betting and earn some money with championship leader Jorge Lorenzo. The Malaccan Yamaha, not wearing a low quota for the victory in the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic. It rises to $ 2.15 in bwin, which would give us a good return on our initial bet.

For winning the tournament at sport, the Italian Max Binge is the strongest bet of the house with a fee that amounts to $ 2.10. That just what follows, the pilot was in the previous prime candidate to champion, Leon Harland ($ 2.25).

Moreover, the Spanish Carlos Cheam is the third favorite, but with a much more profitable fee, which comes to $ 13.00. In addition, an old acquaintance of the category as Noriyuki Hagar pay $ 17.00. The Red Bull and especially the McAllen of Hamilton are the men to beat for Fernando, but seeing the ride he had in Canada, we can dream of a victory for him.