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The three teams that have gotten into the Top 16 of the Euro league, will on Thursday all road games, which we may use to make a combined triple bin their victories. Thus we find that the Regal Barcelona will face the Union Olympia, Power Electronics Valencia visit to Finer and Unisia will do the same with the Greek Anathema.

The combined triple throws us in the sports betting wins the Catalans will pay $ 1.30, the Valencia set of $ 4.25 and $ 9.00 Unisia. Another memorable will be this Thursday, because we will see in action at two of the most powerful in Spain and throughout Europe face.

We talked about nothing less than the Regal Barcelona and Real Madrid, who will star teams another edition of the CAB derby. The latest fighting has been distinctly favorable to Xavier Pascal, Madrid but now this comes as the tournament leader.

Betting on bin point to Lugarno as the leading candidate with a share of $ 1.27. While we paid a victory meringue $ 3.80 per wager. Who do you think will win. This will be another of the duels that give closure to the group stage of the Euro league, but unlike many others, here there is something at stake. And is that the Camay Liberals and Partisan Belgrade will host the third place in Group A.

So far all that is visitor arrives in Spain as the dominator of the top step of the podium and is the product of 5 wins and 4 losses. While the Camay Liberals has the same numbers but in a different order with 4 wins and 5 losses.

The fact is that, we can bet on Sporting bet, where victory is the result Camay Lab oral favorite with a payment amount of $ 1.12. Meanwhile, a victory that would secure his Partisan Third, we will pay $ 5.50 in sports betting.

Bwin brings a combination bet with the matches played on Regal Barcelona and Power Electronics Valencia. The two teams will play at home, and that the club will face Ruts of Lithuania and Valencia will host the passage to the Top 16 with Armani Jeans Milam.