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Then we see that the rest betting comes off a bit and increases very captivating dues payment. So much so, that pays $ 5.00 Nicolas Alfaro and Juan Carlos Ferrari, who has had a great 2010 - increased its share up to $ 11.00. Here's the rest of the players and their contributions:

With so many great names that have the Spanish Football League always choose complex one. But clearly, Christian Ronald and Lionel Messy will take a considerable advantage to the rest and therefore marks them as the best examples to fight for the top scorer in the league.

He is currently the star of Real Madrid sports player who is commanding the scoring chart with 17 goals, two more than Leo Messy who is 15 and 9 we see Lorene and Nil mar. It appears to be another fight between the Portuguese and Argentine and we can take online betting game.

Fees as favorite to give Christian Ronald with a payment amount of $ 2.00, followed by $ 2.10 fee for Messier Paddy Power proposed. Third appears El Gaye David Villa with a payment of $ 12.00 and fourth the injured Gonzalo Hageman ($ 26.00).

As bal League has prepared us a couple of games more interesting in its 14th day Wednesday to be held and to which we may make bets and dream of winning dinerillo easy. One of the meetings is the biggest attraction generates the San Antonio and CAL BM Aragon. Both sets come with the same amount of points (17) in general, so their fees are very fair.

The assembly was the surprise last season at the Camp Nod, revisits the Pep Guerilla in the hope of repeating the feat and we can make bets on their behalf. To bet, we should Paddy Power shares, where the house said that the victory of Rubin Kabana will pay us a total of $ 8.00 and if you manage a draw, the fee is $ 4.50 per bet.

While the victory of FC Barcelona is the favorite outcome, but leaves a profit margin if we allocate an amount quite high, since their fee is $ 1.40, not bad for being the club. This Saturday November 13 we see what has become known as.